NOPE: Man’s Infected Tattoo Spurts Literal Rivers Of Pus

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This is the NOPEST NOPE in the history of fucking NOPE and nobody can disagree. 

At a time when pimple porn reigns as something which gives us unbelievable satisfaction, this is quite the opposite – this is utterly disgusting and nauseating.

The clip begins as a man in Mexico lies face down on a bed as some incredibly committed friends pull out stringy blobs of solid pus from his back using a pair of tweezers, before strategically placing them on his arm.

However, within seconds, when the ‘plug’ of stringy pus is removed, according to the Daily Mail, the thick solid pus is replaced by a river of brown and pink liquid pus which oozes out of the man’s infected back in literal litres.

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Quickly, one of his friends soaks up the pus on with a towel, but in no time at all, the towel is soaked through so another runs away to find something else to cake up the streams of goo.

When the friend returns and the original towel is removed, a seemingly never-ending flow of murky brown pus pours out uncontrollably – resembling a devastated dam of infection.

Apparently, the infection stems from a botched tattoo job where cheap ink was used.

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Dr Arun Ghosh, a private GP in Liverpool, Wirral and Chester said:

It could be that the tattoo needle pierced the skin and introduced bacteria into the abscess, causing it to become infected.

Or the tattoo artist has overworked the area with a needle. This leaves the pores wide open and sweat can clog them up, forming a cyst.

He then urged people that if they are planning on getting a tattoo to go to somewhere with a reputable name. However, after watching this video my plans to get a tattoo have gone straight out the window.