Seven Disgusting Ways You Can Get STIs Without Having Sex

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If you thought you were safe using a good old condom (I don’t actually mean an old one, don’t do that)…think again.

Health Express have revealed seven disgusting other ways you can contract a sexually transmitted disease, the Metro reports.

They’re surprisingly common and are triggering my OCD.

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Turns out if you regularly hit the tanning beds, you could be getting some nice Herpes orhuman papillomavirus (HPV), which can lead to genital warts.

Tanning beds are a snuggly warm breeding grounds for bacteria and those STIs can be transferred from any part of the body, the Metro reports. Happy tanning!

Bad news for all of you who love nothing more than stroking a beautiful beard, it turns out that crabs, scabies, and herpes can survive in a beard, especially if said beard was involved in a spot of oral sex with someone infected.

Daenerys didn’t care though…she’s all up in Khal’s beard.

Isn’t dry-humping so nostalgic. Favoured by virgins and vintage romantics alike.

Well, even with clothes on, dry humping’s intense skin-on-skin contact can gift you with HPV, herpes, syphilis and molloscum contagiosum because no actual sex or oral is needed to transfer them!

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Sharing razors seems like a pretty gross thing to do anyway (that thing goes everywhere).

Unless you’re a shaving god, using a razor usually means getting your fair share of cuts…and STIs through those cuts.

Herpes sounds like the worst. Once you get it, you’re a carrier forever!

So someone might not have the cold sores around their mouth, but they could still transfer the horrible virus to you.

Obviously kiss away, but remember that six out of ten people in the UK carry type 1 of the virus, so get checked!

Schmidt (New Girl) was right to be so protective over his Egyptian cotton towels because Trichomoniasis, an STD caused by a tiny parasite known as Trichomanas vaginalis, thrives in damp conditions and can live outside the body for 45 minutes so towels are the perfect home for them to nestle into.

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Waxing is a traumatising enough experience without throwing sex infections into the mix. But yes, it has been known to happen at the beautician if you have irritated or broken skin.

Nowhere is safe! Save yourselves with celibacy while you can.

Funny, it sounds like a choice if you say you’re celibate.