Video Of Chiropractor’s Bizarre Back Cracking Technique Goes Viral

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This video has had almost 700,000 views and there’s not a fucking fabric of my consciousness that doesn’t know why.

All you need to do is click on play to understand why as a rogue and handsome Lothario of the chiropractor world gets pretty hands on with his incredibly beautiful and silent patient.

Now as part of my research I gazed in hapless awe at many chiropractor videos on YouTube which like Pimple Porn weirdly satisfied me with every climatic crunch of the neck or back, but one thing I did notice – was that there are few chiropractor’s out there that conduct their magic on patients in just a bra and thong, reports the Daily Star.

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Not one bone in my body is arguing against it, however it’s a pretty ‘different’ approach to say the least.

Apparently the clip was filmed at chiropractor,┬áDr Gabriele Benedetti’s surgery in Italy.

In the two minute long clip, Gabriele speaks in his native tongue, presumably explaining just how to perform the perfect back crack – but what do I know?

In between his alluring speeches, Gabriele forcibly puts his young patient into a variety of erotic and revealing positions before driving her spine into place.

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As somebody who doesn’t speak more than a handful of Italian, I didn’t learn too much through the video but if I did learn anything it’s that I’m in the wrong fucking profession.