Woman Gets Very Public Comeuppance After Her Homophobic Rant Goes Viral

By : Ben Hayward |


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Isn’t it heart-warming when a bigoted moron gets put in their place?

A woman who launched into an homophobic rant after Campbell Soup used a married-same sex couple in an advert has received a public comeuppance on Facebook.

For reasons best known to herself, Jess Hicks, took great exception to the soup advert, released last month in the US, depicting actors Larry Sullivan and David Monahan with their son Cooper. Doing their best Darth Vader impressions, the two dads say “I am your father” as they take turns in feeding Cooper.

Hicks felt compelled to write on the company’s Facebook page: “I’m so sick of this Homosexual agenda, You sell soup, not but[t] sex! Please take your ad down or you will not have a company anymore!”

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Instead of getting the support she wanted, she was fed a steaming slice of truth by a Facebook user who had created an account especially to deal with such bigotry.

The anonymous user, calling themselves Campbell’s ForHelp replied: “It seems you have somehow mistook two men feeding their child soup as a pornographic film depicting anal stimulation? My word, Jessica. That is quite a leap.”

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Campbell’s ForHelp offered to send her some ‘souper’ tomato soup, but rather than back down, Jess continued:

It might as well, the poor kid must have a terrible life. Imagine going to school and having to telling everyone you have two dads.My child is very happy and very healthy. He is looks after by his MOTHER & FATHER – The only way it should be!

But the troll had the last word with this closing shot: “Jess, please send our condolences to your child.”

Learn to write properly while you’re at it Jess, you absolute twat.


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