These Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos Are Amazing

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We’ve all got a photo we wish we could forget, but thanks to Facebook, there’s now an indestructible monument to your double chin, drunken embarrassment or unflattering clothes.

Wouldn’t life be more simple if you could be like a celebrity – prim and proper in every pic ever taken?

Well, some Internet sleuths over at Bright Side have gone out of their way to dig out some celebrity prom photos to prove that everyone looks awkward as a teenager.

But irritatingly it seems that celebs, for the most part, have always been pretty flawless. Or maybe it’s just because it’s prom.

Anyway, can you work out who these future celebs are using our fiendishly difficult clues (apologies in advance for the puns)?

Do you need a ‘Cloo’ to work out who this future A-lister is?

932205 650 1459255594 cloonyBright Side

This Oscar nominee looks ‘Maleficent’ in her prom dress…

932655 650 1459255594 jzjkzC62HdkBright Side

We wonder if this hit singer remembers ‘when he was this man?’

932155 650 1459255594 Bruno MarsBright Side

This actor went on to have an ‘Interstellar’ career…

932605 650 1459255594 mccnohaBright Side

I wonder if this actress is still Friends with her prom date now?

932355 650 1459255594 jennifer anistonBright Side

I hope he didn’t fight in the club afterwards…

932755 650 1459255594 brad 1Bright Side

Let’s hope Mila Kunis didn’t upstage her…

932005 650 1459255594 ibkzonlbnsmtpu0masz1Bright Side

This other Friends actress looks so similar to now, the answer almost ‘Screams’ at you…

932705 650 1459255594 kortnyBright Side

Lets hope this actor didn’t have to ask ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ at the end of the night…

932955 650 1459255594 AshtonKutcherSophCandidPromBright Side

This rapper was probably ‘sippin on gin and juice’ all night…

932855 650 1459255594 1413503375009 wps 15 25 Years strong2Bright Side

This actress would go on to become ‘invisible’…

933005 650 1459255594 albaBright Side

We’ve all asked to play this talented singer’s songs ‘one more time’…

932405 650 1459255594 promdress2Bright Side

This comedian went on to be kind of a big deal…

932505 650 1459255594 willferrellBright Side

Answers (In order):

George Clooney
Angelina Jolie
Bruno Mars
Matthew Mcconaughey
Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt
Natalie Portman
Courtney Cox
Ashton Kutcher
Snoop Dog
Jessica Alba
Britney Spears
Will Ferrell