Chloe Khan’s ‘Wealthy Celebrity Lifestyle’ Exposed As Massive Lie

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It appears that Celebrity Big Brother ‘star’ (if the definition for star is shagging in a toilet) Chloe Khan might be over-exaggerating her ‘self-made millionaire’ status.

Well, that’s according to her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child anyway. Ian Hough had a six year relationship with the 25-year-old and in an angry interview with The Sun, he suggests that the lifestyle she brags about on Instagram is ‘fake’.

He claims that Chloe never emigrated to America and lived in a ‘regular’ rented house with her mum in Yorkshire. Not too glamorous that.

Chloe Khans Wealthy Celebrity Lifestyle Exposed As Massive Lie Ian Hough Chloe MafiaBBC Three

Ian said:

She’s not a millionaire or anything close to that. Yeah she did try to build a webcam business by recruiting girls from the estate in Wakefield, but no one wanted to know. All the girls she went to high school with turned her down.

After finding some sort of fame on the X Factor back in 2010, Chloe, like many other contestants, disappeared completely from the public eye.

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This was right up until last year that she was seen on the arm of billionaire Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray, bragging about her wads of cash, private jets, mansions and having a Hollywood makeover.

But Ian claims it’s all BS, as she apparently has to be in the UK for visitations with her daughter Destiny.

She also allegedly paid thousands to attend the Playboy mansion, where she could pretend to be a Playmate and wasn’t actually invited. This is where she met John Gray.

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As well as this, Ian also disputes Chloe buying her mum a six bedroom house in Yorkshire, following this ‘rags to riches’ tale.

He said:

When my daughter was at her house during a visit the landlord came round. She tried to hide it when he knocked on, but my family member who has full custody of Destiny was there at the time has to know who is visiting the house. My family member feared he could have been a sleazy client.

When asked about the type of house Chloe lives in, Ian added:

At the moment she lives with her mum, if she’s there. It’s just a normal regular house, not a mansion or anything. She knows how to fool people and she’s good at it… her whole profile is fake.

Whoever is running Chloe’s Twitter account has since denied Ian’s statements, claiming they were false:

It’s difficult to see the wood through the trees with this one, though this might explain why she’s gone on CBB.

But at the end of the day, who really cares?