Guy On ‘First Dates’ Inappropriate Joke About Ex’s Vagina Has Gone Viral

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Guy On First Dates Inappropriate Joke About Exs Vagina Has Gone Viral first2YouTube/Channel 4

Viewers of Channel 4 show First Dates have been treated to what could be one of the most awkward matchings ever seen on the show.

Graphic designer Paddy left his unfortunate Heather quite literally speechless when he shared what it’s safe to say was an entirely inappropriate anecdote, reports The Sun.

While reading the menu, Heather revealed she had a hatred of fish, which reminded Paddy of something…

Guy On First Dates Inappropriate Joke About Exs Vagina Has Gone Viral first1

Like a true gent he told her:

Years and years ago I was seeing this girl and she was quite domineering and I found it a bit scary.

I won’t got into anymore details because it’s personal, but it stank. And you don’t like fish.

Thanks for sharing Paddy. It’s fair to say Heather was pretty stunned to receive that information.

Nearly choking on her drink, she replied:

Oh God I really don’t want any more information about that. I genuinely did not expect you to say that at all.

I’m never lost for words and now I’m lost for words. I need to start drinking more immediately.

As you would expect, Twitter was sent into meltdown… 

But Paddy wasn’t done yet. He went on to reveal: 

Years ago I used to run a sex toy site so I’d always end up with bits and bobs in my drawers.

Heather later confirmed she would ‘definitely not’ be seeing him again, but the pair did have words of advice for each other.

Paddy urged Heather to ‘loosen up a bit’ while she advised him ‘not to talk about inappropriate stuff’.

We understand that both Heather and Paddy are still looking for love…