Joey Essex Has Found God After Weird Accident Down The Gym

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Loveable idiot Joey Essex has gone and found God, after a mishap down the gym caused him to develop some mysterious crucifixes on his back.

The 25-year-old found religion after he accidentally whipped his back with a skipping rope and thought the marks might be a sign from his late mum Tina, The Sun reported.

Joey didn’t want to tell his friends about the religious experience though, because he thought he might ‘look stupid’, and he didn’t think Christianity was considered ‘cool’.

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Joey told The Sun:

I was skipping hard in the gym when I accidentally lashed myself. It drew blood and hurt. When I looked at the injuries I saw two big perfect crosses — they are the crucifixes you get.

Maybe it’s a message from Mum but I’m going with it being a sort of religious message.

Joey’s mum Tina took her life when he was just ten year’s old. The reality star said he was convinced to find religion after seeing the crucifixes on his back, adding he was always tempted to find religion when he was younger but never did.

He said:

Being a Christian is sort of not cool… I have suppressed such feelings before but this is weird. Before I didn’t want to get involved. I was scared of looking stupid but now I am comfortable with it. I won’t be telling my mates though in case they think I’ve gone strange.

Before adding: “I am older and confident and comfortable enough to deal with it now without worrying about being laughed at. Now I know I’ve seen the signs. It is what it is.”


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