Meet The Brother And Sister Who’ve Been In A Relationship For 20 Years

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Meet The Brother And Sister Whove Been In A Relationship For 20 Years Jaime and CerseiHBO

In some respects Tom and Lena are just like any other couple, they live together, have a kid and they both love each other – the big difference is that they’re actually brother and sister.

In an interview with Jennifer Tillmann on Vice, Tom said there was nothing unusual about their upbringing – they came from a loving stable family – but when puberty hit they started to develop feelings for each other, feelings that went beyond the typical brother/sister dynamic.

But they keep their relationship a secret, not just because people might think it’s weird, but because they’re from Austria, where incest is punishable by up to one year in jail.

Meet The Brother And Sister Whove Been In A Relationship For 20 Years 1HBO

They’ve been together now for 20 years, and Tom thinks what they’re doing shouldn’t be considered illegal.

He told Vice:

I would understand it if you told me, ‘You are going to prison because you are endangering your child’. my child is healthy and my wife and I love each other voluntarily. Therefore all good reasons for punishment do not apply.

After Tom became depressed and tried to take his own life they decided to make a big change, and him and Lena moved to Germany where their new friends think they’re a married couple.