Meet The Woman Who’s Spent £350,000 On Surgery To Look Like Barbie

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Meet The Woman Whos Spent £350,000 On Surgery To Look Like Barbie barbieYouTube / News Dog TV

Yet again we are faced with another so called ‘real life Barbie’. This time it’s a mum-of-five from Ohio who has splashed out £350,000 on plastic surgery for the transformation.

Nannette Hammond, 42, has had three boob jobs, a breast lift, lip fillers, Botox, veneers, semi-permanent make-up, hair dye, nail extensions, and takes daily visits to her at-home tanning salon.

Nannette also sports a UK size 4 figure. She’s 5ft 3 inches, weighs just 6.5 stone and has a tiny 18-inch waist.

As if matters couldn’t get any more surreal, she also sticks a shitload of snaps onto Instagram – which are all taken by her own children.

The full-time mum lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her businesssman husband Dave, 47, and their five children who all attend private school.

She said:

My husband Dave and my children are just so proud of me and what I’ve achieved through surgery. They think I look great – my life is better than Barbie’s now.

Apparently, Nannette has been obsessed with Barbie from an early age.

She added:

I loved playing with those Barbies. Growing up, I felt shy and self-conscious about my looks and wanted to be just like the dolls.

I imagined they’d always be happy and I felt drab in comparison. I didn’t like my hair colour and as a teen, I really wanted bigger breasts.

I always knew I wanted a boob job as soon as I could. I started going on sunbeds when I was 16 to get Barbie’s honey colouring.

At 21, Nannette had her first breast enhancement surgery at £2,250 taking her from a B-cup to a C.

From the age of 27, she started getting regular Botox and collagen filler injections in her lips.

She said:

I just love plastic surgery. The needle feels like a massage and once it goes in, I don’t want to leave! It’s very relaxing.

Since her early 30s, Nannette has spent around £1,275 on extensions and having her hair coloured. She also splurges a further £350-a-month on eyelash extensions.

Aged 38, she had a boob uplift and further implants, taking her to a 28H, which cost a further £7,000 and she’s not ruling out going even bigger in the future.

Her latest surgery was when she got veneers on her teeth two years ago at a cost of £36,000, which David also paid for. Money well spent?

And, if for some weird reason you thought she’d be planning on slowing down, she added:

I’m going to keep looking like a Barbie right until I’m 70, or probably longer!

I feel happy and secure. It’s worth every penny.

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