Photo Reveals What Charlotte Crosby Looked Like Pre-Cosmetic Surgery

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We all love a bit of nostalgia every now and then, don’t we? 

Facebook cottoned on to that pretty fucking quick with the whole memories ‘on this day’ feature, giving you a swift reminder of how ridiculously different you looked back in the good ol’ days.

Glow head Makeup 👉🏼 @lyndseyharr1son ❤️

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And this probably couldn’t be more true for Geordie Shore ‘star’ and professional nobody Charlotte Crosby.

Charlotte’s mate and YouTube personality Zoella decided to post a throwback picture of the pair from back in 2013, capturing a much more natural look.

This was all before her cosmetic surgery earlier this year, including a nose job and other procedures like lip fillers. Because this is stuff that matters in 2016, apparently.

Charlotte seemed surprisingly shocked by the transformation:

And she wasn’t the only one who seemed unaware of the concept of time:

Since launching her own YouTube channel, Charlotte has been a keen admirer of Zoella and her vlogs.

Last year she said:

I think Zoella’s fab but I wanna bring something different, I wanna bring more of a funny comedy side of things. Just have a massive laugh with it, and so far I’m enjoying doing every second of it.

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This particular post has added fuel to the fire of the rumours that the girls will team up for a YouTube collaboration in the future.

What an absolute fucking joy that’ll be…


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