Teen Sues Parents For Posting Embarrassing Facebook Photos

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In a move that will disappoint a generation of tech savvy parents looking forward to embarrassing their kids with mortifying photos on Facebook, a girl is suing her parents for posting pictures of her without her permission. 

The 18-year-old girl claims that her loving parents posted around 500 pictures of her on Facebook without her permission, many of which she feels are embarrassing, The Irish Times reports.

Speaking to Austria’s Die ganze Woche magazine the anonymous girl claimed that her parents have been posting photos of her without permission from all stages of her life.

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She explained:

They knew no shame or limits. Whether I was sitting on the potty or naked in my crib, my every step was recorded photographically and, afterwards, made public.

The teen complained that the photos were freely available to her parent’s 700 friends and that their refusal to delete the picture are what prompted her to sue for breach of her right to privacy and data protection rights.

Her father defended his actions explaining he saw no reason to delete the pictures.

giphy 2 2 Teen Sues Parents For Posting Embarrassing Facebook Photos

He said: 

I see it as my right to publish these pictures. After all it’s our children and, for my wife and myself, it’s a nice family album that goes down well with our Facebook friends.

While this case may sound over blown there’s a surprising amount of precedent in Europe.

In France parents can be fined up to €45,000 or a spend a year in prison for posting pictures of their children on social media without permission.

Meanwhile in Germany it is possible for teenagers from 14 and up to sue their parents for ‘intruding on their personal privacy with unwanted social media picture posts’.


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