The Annual Giant Penis Festival Is Taking Place Today

By : Ben Hayward |



Thousands of excited revellers have taken to the streets of Kawasaki in Japan, to celebrate the humble penis. 

The festival – known in Japanese as the Shinto Kanamara Matsuri, sees groups of locals parade three heavy phalluses around the city — the biggest as tall as a full-grown man, reports the Japan Times.


The procession is part of the fertility festival, which is open to people of all ages with both kids and grandmothers alike sucking on penis lollipops and posing with phallus-shaped sculptures.

Visitors also wear penis beaks, carry giant penis purses and the luckiest even get to straddle a giant wooden phallus.

Also known as the ‘Festival of the Steel Phallus’, the celebration takes place every year and attracts tens of thousands of tourists who can take home souvenirs  including key chains, pens, chocolates and even toy glasses with a plastic penis nose.


But apparently, the festival is no laughing matter, local priest Hiroyuki Nakamura of the Kanayarma Shrine said: 

If young children are not used to seeing (male genitalia), they could get into a bit of a panic when the time comes.

People come to pray for good fortune and to ask the gods to protect them. The festival is steeped in the past but has still has a valuable part to play in modern society.


The festival even does its bit for the wider community with all proceeds from sales of penis memorabilia going to HIV research.

Judging by some of those beasts, you’d have to say size does matter…


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