The Sun And Daily Mail Body Shame David Cameron, Commenters Are Furious

By : Alex Mays |


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The Daily Mail commenters are a bit of a strange bunch to say the least, especially when you get race or sex involved.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to find that they do have a limit to how insensitive an article can be before they go apoplectic at the writer.

And where is this line I hear you ask? Well, apparently they draw the line at body shaming a former Tory PM, of course.

The Mail’s readers slammed the paper’s coverage of David Cameron’s summer holiday, where they made a blatant reference to his weight with the phrase ‘political big beast’.

In the article it only got worse, as they refer to him as a ‘heavyweight’ and rhetorically ask ‘too many puds, Dave?’, adding ‘at least Sam’s still slim’. Just, wow.

The infamous comments section threw up some absolute gems, as readers showed their anger at the article’s tone:




Never keen to miss out on a bit of national outrage, The Sun also decided to make the controversial editorial decision to do a rather insensitive piece about DC:

Just when you thought their headline, ‘BLUE WHALE SPOTTED OFF CORSICA’ didn’t go all in enough, they also referred to him as ‘flabby’ and ‘chubby hubby’ in the article.

The Sun’s commenters were equally upset by the brutal nature of the article:

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Screen Shot 2016 08 05 at 11.14.22

But if Dave was feeling a bit body conscious, he might be able to take some consolation that some of the Twittersphere were more pointing the finger at his ‘celebrity personal trainer’:

How these newspapers can print this blatant body-shaming and keep getting away with it is simply beyond me.


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