These Celebrities Had A Roller Coaster Of A Year In 2015

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These Celebrities Had A Roller Coaster Of A Year In 2015 methodsunsoundRandy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Celebrities – they’re everywhere, aren’t they?

Especially in 2015, they were absolutely everywhere this year, invading our lives from the many screens we now own. Some of them had bad years, some of them had good years, and – occasionally – some of them had some ups and some downs.

Lets see what these guys got up to in 2015:

50 Cent Got Sued And Declared Bankrupt

These Celebrities Had A Roller Coaster Of A Year In 2015 50 cent FB50 Cent

Yeah, sounds shit already.

50 Cent actually began to live up to his name this year, he filed for bankruptcy after a jury ordered him to pay $5 million (£3.2m) to a woman whose sex tape he leaked.

Fiddy got hold of the tape featuring Lastonia Leviston and her boyfriend, recorded himself commenting on the footage and then posted the video online.

Ms Leviston then sued the 40-year-old for invasion of privacy over the 13-minute video, which featured 50 Cent bizarrely wearing a wig and calling himself ‘Pimpin’ Curly’ while narrating.

During the footage he made explicit remarks about Ms Leviston and taunted his rap rival Rick Ross, who has a daughter with her – at the time Ross and 50 were involved in a very public feud.

On the plus side, someone created this Tumblr to help get him back on his feet. It works by letting users play 50’s track Piggy Bank on Spotify, thus filling his actual piggy bank with the artists’ fee.

The artists’ fee is $0.0011, and in the original post I made the bold claim that we could help 50 pay of his debts and assets of $10m-$50m by Christmas. So far he has raised $69, which is still an improvement from the $22 he was at back in July.

So come on everyone, let’s get 50 Cent rich for 2016, or at the very least die trying. It’s what he would have wanted.

Charlie Sheen Revealed He Had HIV

These Celebrities Had A Roller Coaster Of A Year In 2015 NBCNBC

This was the year that Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive.

Rumours had been circulating for weeks that a mystery Hollywood actor had HIV, and Sheen finally came clean in a sit down interview on NBC‘s The Today Show.

He made several revelations on the show, including that he’d had to pay ‘hush money’ to sexual partners over the years, he said: “That’s money you’ve taken from my kids”.

Apparently he’d known for four years but had always practised safe sex during that time – except for with two partners who were receiving car from his doctor.

As for the future, Charlie expects to get the shit sued out of him, but looks forward to getting on with a new show.

Justin Bieber Was A Total Brat, But Made A Shit Ton Of Money

These Celebrities Had A Roller Coaster Of A Year In 2015 AP biebsAP

The life of Justin Bieber is full of ups and downs.

The pop brat released loads of songs that all sounded pretty much the same but were extremely catchy and made him a sweet stack of money – giving the little guy a net worth of $200 million (£134m).

2015 was also the year he got papped with his dick out, sending the internet into meltdown and causing people on Twitter to do their thing.

Then his terrible week struck, in which he stormed out of a radio interview, and off stage at a concert after throwing a tantrum because someone spilled drink on the stage.

So swings and roundabouts, really, although I’m sure he had a great time 24/7 so hats off to the little rascal.

Kanye West Headlined Glastonbury And Declared He’s Running For President In 2020

These Celebrities Had A Roller Coaster Of A Year In 2015 AP kanyeAP

I’m pretty sure every year is a great year in Kanye’s head, but he had some strong moments in 2015.

He headlined Glastonbury, splitting public opinion and performing a terrible rendition of Bohamian Rhapsody. He also got stage invaded by this guy.

Overall his set went down well, with critics claiming he more than answered the backlash that accompanied the news he was to be one of the headline acts. They even called Kanye: ‘mad, infuriating, daring, electrifying, ridiculous, original and unwilling to compromise’ – which I’m sure he loved.

These Celebrities Had A Roller Coaster Of A Year In 2015 GettyMTVGetty/MTV

In other news, he also declared he was going to run for president in 2020 – the self proclaimed genius/greatest living rockstar on the planet announced his bid for the White House before predictably dropping the mic and walking off stage.

Like many great political moments in history, Yeezy proclaimed his dreams of presidency while accepting the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

At the awards Kanye apologised to Taylor Swift, before stating his intentions at the tail-end of a rambling 15 minute speech, proclaiming confidently: “Yes, as you probably could’ve guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president!”

Kanye, who may have been drunk, justified his decision by pointing out, “It don’t matter though, ’cause it ain’t about me. It’s about ideas, bro”.

True. And of course Twitter had something to say on the matter:

He can’t be any worse than Trump…