This Girl Travels The World For Free, Because Guys Online Pay

By : Ben Hayward |


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A  young woman has packed in her job and now travels the world for free by getting men she meets online to fund her trips.

A former financial advisor, Monica Lynn reckons her exotic trips would have taken at least ten years to save up for but now she can boast about camel trekking in Dubai, shopping sprees in Hong Kong and Caribbean holidays – all paid for by dates she met on the internet.

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Her adventure began when she came across dating site MissTravel, where singles can pay to bring prospective partners on holiday with them. She decided her life was lacking adventure and so quit her high-flying job at wealth management company Merill Lynch and joined Miss Travel.

Her first benefactor was a 31-year-old managing director who, after a few messages asked her if she’d like to go on holiday with him. She said yes and he whisked her off to Barbados for a week paying for her entire holiday which included a stay at a five star resort complete with cocktails on the beach.

Monica stresses that there was no expectation of sex involved in the trips:

It wasn’t awkward – it was just like a regular date which didn’t really sizzle, except you were on a Caribbean island. Sex was never mentioned. We had fun but there was no sexual connection . He was like a friend. We’re still in touch.

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A second trip with a different man took her to San Francisco and once again she enjoyed the trip, but didn’t feel a spark with her companion. However, third time was a charm as Monica hit it off with a 28-year-old Italian fella. “We had a connection before we even met, and that continued, she said.

The pair have now taken seven holidays together, including to Indonesia and the Phillipines and have both have promised not to use the MissTravel site any more:

After about six weeks, we decided to be exclusive to each other. My lifestyle hasn’t changed though. Any time he goes on a trip now he invites me. The way I see it, I found a guy I’m really serious about through online dating – with a lot of travel.

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She reckons that – if the relationship doesn’t work out – normal dating has been ruined for her, describing the experience as ‘like dating on steroids’: 

What would most girls prefer? Going for dinner in their hometown, or watching the sunset on a cliff-top restaurant with a guy who wanted to fly you to the other side of the world to be with him? Your senses are heightened. Everything is so spontaneous, it helps ignite the passion. And you’re getting to know each other in these amazing, exotic locations.