This Is The ‘Perfect’ Male Body Type Women Want, Apparently

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Researchers believe they have identified what most women consider to be the ‘perfect’ male body.

The conclusion was drawn after a surveyed 1,000 Americans, reports the Daily Star, over what physical attributes they looked for in the opposite sex.

So guys, are you ready to feel inadequate and inferior? Then proceed.

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According to the findings of the survey the ‘perfect’ male specimen is six feet in height, weighs 187lbs, and hits the gym for at least 8 hours per week.

So women ideally look for a man who is above average height, but interestingly he would technically be overweight according to the National Institutes of Health body mass index.

At that height and weight you’d register a BMI of 25.4, narrowly over the threshold for being overweight of 25.

If that isn’t you though don’t worry, the figures have been broken down by generation too, offering a glimmer of hope.

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That glimmer is extinguished pretty quickly however when you realise millenials, generation X, and baby boomers all still want relatively similar physiques – with each’s notion of the perfect man standing at six feet.

The only real variation comes in the form of older generations having a preference for slightly heavier men who work out a bit less, while the younger women surveyed would rather a fella work out more and weigh less.

Time to get working on an award winning personality I guess.


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