Tulisa Opens Up About Sex Tape And Her ‘Blackout Period’

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Tulisa Opens Up About Sex Tape And Her Blackout Period Tulisa GettyImages 457661792 640x426Getty

Remember the infamous Tulisa sex tape Рthe one in which she faces off with an impressive appendage?

Well, the ex-N-Dubz singer opened up about regretting how things went down (ahem) with the leaked tape during her most candid Рand conveniently timed Рinterview on Good Morning Britain today.

She said:

That’s something I regret. I mean, of course I regret it. Wouldn’t you? But when I made it I wasn’t that famous at the time. I was in a relationship with the person for two years and I trusted him.

While Tulisa promoted her music comeback with single Sweet Like Chocolate, Piers Morgan stayed true to form and managed to ask prying, personal and totally off-topic questions.

Tulisa responded to Morgan’s grilling openly and confidently, even after he called her a ‘flawed star’. Morgan and his patronising co-presenter Susanna Reid went on to quiz Tulisa on the assault charges brought against her and the drugs trial in 2014.

Despite not going into too much detail for ‘legal reasons,’ Tulisa did comment:

I call that time in my life the black out period… But look, it was part of my life and it’s made me who I am today.

On a final note, Tulisa revealed that she is currently single and ‘literally in a relationship with [her] dog’.

Now, that’s something we can all relate to.