Woman Exposes Hypocrisy Of Men Who Shame Women For Sharing Nude Photos

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Woman Exposes Hypocrisy Of Men Who Shame Women For Sharing Nude Photos respect1 1Twitter

A woman has taken to social media to expose ridiculous levels of hypocrisy from men who shame women for sharing nude photos.

29-year-old Lindsey is not your average keyboard warrior who writes lengthy essays online whinging about the issue – no, her method is far more direct.

You see Lindsey, who goes by the Twitter handle @CardsAgstHrsmt, screenshots posts from men slamming women for naked and half-naked selfies, and then contrasts those messages with half-naked images uploaded by those very same men, alongside the convenient hashtag #ShirtlessShamers2016.

The evidence is pretty irrefutable…




Speaking to BuzzFeed, Lindsey revealed that the whole thing started when she stumbled across a guy on Twitter bitching about how he ‘loses respect’ for women who post half-naked selfies online.

His own twitter photo? A topless image of himself.

She said:

A few searches later, and I’d come across lots of other dudes gleefully condemning women as ‘sluts’ in one tweet and flexing their naked chests in another.




Lindsey added:

They’re torn between wanting to consume women’s nudity for their enjoyment, and condemning it if it’s presented as self-expression or self-celebration.




And of course for daring to speak up in the name of equality Lindsey herself has become a target of online abuse.

It’s a good job she is more than capable of handling it, with a quality sense of humour.

If you want to share half-naked images online, no one is going to stop you, but just remember – nobody likes a hypocrite.