Women Describe What The Female Orgasm Feels Like

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Women Describe What The Female Orgasm Feels Like meg1

In an attempt to satisfy the curiosity of men the world over, women have taken to Reddit to answer a query that every guy has pondered at some time.

The question: “What does the female orgasm feel like?” was put to the social networking site and it’s fair to say the women who answered went into a lot of detail.

From the answers it sounds like everyone is fairly unique in their orgasms, but here are a few of the more in-depth and descriptive answers from the thread:

Of course, for the sake of science one user ‘took one for the team’ before posting the results…

This was actually a really good attempt to compare them to something that most guys have experienced…

Women Describe What The Female Orgasm Feels Like girl1

This one just sounds absolutely incredible…

Having trouble coming to terms with this one…

Ah! Now I get it!

So there you have it. Apparently they can feel like anything from a slowly swelling geyser of warm water building from your very core to just .

To be fair, the thread is actually a really interesting read and what is definitely clear is that caring and sensitive sex delivers the best results for both partners.

Seriously though, crickets?