This Website Knows Where You’re From And How You Met Your Partner

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A fun new mapping tool will tell you where you’re from, where your surname is most popular in the UK and also where you met your partner.

The site was developed by University College London (UCL) and is part of a wider project by the Economic and Social Research Council to see whether our surnames are linked to geographical locations, the Telegraph reports.

It seems to be pretty accurate…

12801381 1673625016231835 8973231139809461696

It even got my name…

name percival

But what about a few iconic British surnames…

name shakespeare cumberbatch name name churchill 1

Very impressive, how about some UNILAD staff members.

name mays 1 name haywood 1 name ridgway 1 name roberts

Ok this one will stump it, or maybe not.

name windsor

It didn’t get our famous couple right though.


Professor Paul Longley, is behind the study and the impressive map. He claims that most people don’t move far from their ancestral homes.

He said:

Most Anglo Saxon family names came into common usage between the 12th and 14th centuries, and were first coined in particular parts of the country.

What is interesting is that most individuals do not move far from their ancestral family homes and so, 700 or more years later, most names can still be associated with particular localities.

You can try this our for yourself at, have fun procrastinating….


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