Adam Johnson Attacked In Jail After Getting Cocky With Other Inmates

By : Ben Hayward |


johnson1Durham Police

Adam Johnson has reportedly been beaten up after refusing to clean the prison showers.

The disgraced footballer who is serving six years for sexually grooming a schoolgirl was attacked after refusing to remove hair from the plug hole according to a witness at Doncaster Prison, reports the Daily Record.

Definitely a step down from his £60,000 weekly salary, he was set the task of cleaning the showers and snapped at other inmates during the chore, allegedly shouting: “Do you know who I am?!”

It’s safe to say they probably did.


A fight broke out but was quickly broken up by other inmates before guards could step in.

According to one eye witness:

One of the cons told him to clean his shower again. Johnson ignored him and the other bloke really got in his face.

Johnson then swore at him and the other bloke punched him in the face and Johnson defended himself.


The source added that the footballer is doing time with some pretty rough characters after he was moved to Doncaster to be closer to his ex girlfriend and their 14-month-old daughter.

Johnson’s family who have set up a ‘Justice for Johnson’ Facebook page, are believed to be regular visitors to the prison and Johnson himself has already launched an appeal against his conviction.


The Daily Record