Audio Of Hulk Hogan’s Racist Rant Is Beyond Shocking

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Audio Of Hulk Hogans Racist Rant Is Beyond Shocking hog1PA

The slight upturn in Hulk Hogan’s fortunes is well and truly dead following the release of audio in which the former wrestler allegedly admits to being racist.

Hogan was awarded $140 million -roughly £99 million- in damages following the release of a sex tape by Gawker, but the gossip site is expected to appeal.

In the audio released by Death and Taxes, in which Hogan was allegedly doing the deed with Heather Clem, the ex-wife of his former best friend Bubba Clem, you can hear the pair talking and on several occasions, the word ‘n****r’ is used.

Death and Taxes also released a transcript of the audio, which reads:

Hogan: I’m getting ready to cut some serious bait. [Inaudible] Brooke — my daughter, Brooke — [redacted], she jumped sides on me.

Clem: Mmm-hmm.

Hogan: ‘Cause I shelled out two, three million bucks for her music, and [inaudible] I’ve done everything. Fucking with him day and night on the radio like a jackass, and he’s working with me to make…make work [inaudible] when [inaudible] really should call it a day and do the shit I did.

[Eight-second redaction]

Hogan: The son, he’s [inaudible] this black billionaire guy, Cecile. He basically did more for her in a year than anybody’s done. [Inaudible], he had one song, and after 10 months it should go to [inaudible] and [inaudible] and [inaudible]. [Inaudible sentence]. I try to be the realist, and ‘This is your option: You got a better option. [Redacted] said you can sign with [redacted].’ He’s gonna put 500 million behind [inaudible]. Right now there’s nothing else. We’re doing the best we can.

Clem: Right.

Hogan: So it gets to the point where…I dunno if Brooke was fucking the black guy’s son, or they’ve been hanging out. I caught them holding hands together on the tour. They were getting close to kind of [inaudible] the fucking [inaudible]. I’m not a double standard type of guy. I’m a racist to a point, y’know, fucking niggers, but then, when it comes to nice people and [redacted]

Clem: We all are that way.

Hogan: Yeah, cool, when it comes to nice people, you gotta…you can’t, you can’t say the…

[Two-second redaction]

Hogan: I don’t give a fuck if she [inaudible] [an eight foot tall?] basketball player.

Clem: [laughs]

Hogan: If we’re gonna fuck with niggers, let’s get a rich one!

Clem: [laughs]

Hogan: I don’t care if he’s a multi-billionaire. The thing is, now that you start doing these nasty emails…so somewhere, [inaudible] relationship, and now [inaudible] doesn’t want to talk to anybody, nanananana.

Audio Of Hulk Hogans Racist Rant Is Beyond Shocking PA 25866209PA

The audio is beyond shocking and, if genuine, effectively pisses on the tatters which remain of Hogan’s career.


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