Autistic Teenager ‘Became Depressed After Feeling Humiliated By Reality TV Audition’

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An autistic singer was so humiliated by her experience on a TV talent show that she became depressed, a court has heard.

The celebrity-obsessed teen began to display ‘risky behaviour’ and dropped out of education after being embarrassed while auditioning for an unnamed reality programme, reports the Daily Mail.

Sitting at a Court of Protection hearing in Newcastle upon Tyne, Judge Mr Justice Cobb, heard the singer felt she had performed badly, provoking a pattern of ‘risky, promiscuous and self-destructive’ behaviour.

Her behaviour led social workers to doubt whether the teenager, who is now 20 and on the autistic spectrum, was capable of making decisions for herself.

Mr Justice Cobb disagreed however and ruled that she was not so different from any number of other untidy, chaotic young people, and that she had developed the ability to make ‘relevant decisions’ and keep herself safe.

In the written ruling, Mr Justice Cobb, said the girl was plunged into a crisis of confidence, three years ago, by what she believed was her dreadful showing in the audition.

Mr Cobb said, although she had in fact done ‘impressively’ well, she felt judges’ comments had made her an object of ridicule.


However, she had ‘misinterpreted the talent show judges’ comments’ and viewed what happened as an exercise in ridicule rather than a recognition of her talent.

After auditioning the judge said she dropped out of college, sank into depression and – showing no understanding of ‘stranger danger’ – began meeting a ‘deluge’ of men who contacted her on social media.

Some of these men were said to have abused or exploited her and she had become sexually disinhibited, said the judge.


The girl also began a ‘toxic’ lesbian relationship with a woman she met online, who turned out to be a ‘hoax profile’.

Social workers were alerted to the girl’s depression when she threatened to kill herself, and they argued that she did not have the mental ‘capacity’ to decide where she should live, to look after herself or to form functional relationships.

However, the judge refused to rule her incapable, and said he hoped she would ‘grow further in maturity and confidence’ with her mother’s support.

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The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was described as being fascinated by celebrity culture and was determined to become a singer.

It is not known if the teenager at the centre of the case made it onto television.


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