Bad News: Your Neighbours Have Probably Seen You Naked

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After reading this, you might want to make sure you keep your curtains firmly closed next time you’re getting undressed.

A slightly worrying new study has revealed that 97 per cent of adults in the UK have seen their neighbours in a compromising situation.


That includes neighbours getting glimpses of people arguing, dancing in their bedrooms, having sex, or just hanging around in the nip.

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According to Metro, the research was conducted by blind company, and seems to suggest we need to start shutting the blinds or at least investing in some better ones, which is good news for their business, obviously.


Apparently, nearly 70 per cent of those polled said they’d seen their neighbours arguing, with 42 per cent saying they had spotted them crying.

31 per cent (so, nearly a third) of people said they had spotted their neighbour naked (awkward), while 8 per cent had “accidentally” witnessed them shagging (even more awkward). Still, only 52 per cent said they’d actually been caught in the act of spying, so that’s something.

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A spokesperson said:

It is clear from our study that many Britons are unintentionally inviting ‘nosy’ neighbours into their homes to witness the most private and intimate events of their lives. Taking some time to re-evaluate the privacy of a home, and looking into how easy neighbours can see through some windows would help prevent embarrassing situations in the future.

Yeah, so we’ll pretty much be sitting in a dark room from now on out of fear that nosy Ned across the road might be trying to eye us up in our birthday suits. For shame!