Bad News: Your Netflix Subscription Fee Is Going Up

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Bad News: Your Netflix Subscription Fee Is Going Up netflix price FBNetflix/Flickr

Bad news for millions of long-time Netflix subscribers – your monthly fee is about to increase.

And it looks like users on both sides of the pond are set to be affected by this one, and most subscribers have absolutely no idea that the price hikes are coming in.

The site announced in May 2014 that it was going to gradually start increasing the monthly charge for its TV streaming service, the Independent reports.


However, those already using the service at the time had their account prices frozen and were allowed to stay on for the old $7.99 price, even as the charge for new subscribers was pushed up to $9.99.

However, that was reportedly only ever intended to be a two year price freeze, and it means the agreement is now set to expire and many people are about to lose those special privileges and get moved up to the full price.

Business Insider claims that the increase will affect approximately 37 per cent of subscribers in the U.S. Worryingly, the publication adds that around 80 per cent of those didn’t even know the price increase was coming.

Similar price rises are set to come into place in the UK, with the majority of subscribers set to see their monthly fee rise by 50p – from £6.99 to £7.49 for the HD streaming package – admittedly not a huge amount on paper, but it all adds up, as they say.

While some people have claimed they will cancel their Netflix subscriptions if the price hike goes ahead, with the amount of incredible content on there, we doubt many would actually go through with it.

Because, let’s face it, if we can’t binge watch the new seasons of Orange Is The New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt, what is even the point of anything?


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