Bernie Ecclestone’s ‘Sexist’ Remark Manages To Offend Women Everywhere

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Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has been hit with major backlash for his ‘sexist’ comments.

Ecclestone suggested in a conference on Tuesday that women would ‘not physically be able to drive a F1 car quickly’, and added they ‘wouldn’t be taken seriously’.

The Formula 1 chief executive did, however, reveal that he thought more women could reach top jobs like his, saying: “Women are more competent, and they don’t have massive egos.”

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Obviously, the 85-year-old’s remark immediately prompted plenty of fierce criticism from pretty much everyone.

Telegraph Women’s editor Emma Barnett was at the event featuring Ecclestone and tweeted his comments in disbelief:


And Sky’s senior political correspondent, Sophy Ridge, soon followed:

At the same event, Ecclestone mused that immigrants had not provided any benefit to the UK, showed his support for Britain leaving the European Union, praised Trump as a potential president, and said Vladimir Putin should be running Europe.

Arguing that Donald Trump and Putin would work well together, Ecclestone said that Trump ‘would be fantastic as president’, citing that he would own up to his mistakes.


He also mentioned that comments he had made in praise of Adolf Hitler’s leadership methods in a 2009 interview were taken out of context, but then reiterated to say that the Nazi leader ‘got the job done’.

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He got a lot of backlash from the public (obviously), and was quickly trending on Twitter:

Maybe Formula 1 needs a new boss. Any anti-Trump female immigrants up for the task?


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