Beware Where You Have Sex, Your TV Could Be Watching

By : Ben Hayward |



Before you and your partner settle down in front of your telly for a cosy night of Netflix and chill you may want to reconsider the chill part… 

It turns out that your intimate moments could actually be being watched and even filmed through your smart TV, reports the Daily Mail.

This is genuinely true – it has emerged that hackers have ‘watched’ couples getting it on in their living rooms via webcams built into smart TVs – and put the video on porn sites.


Smart TVs in general have pretty poor security and hackers can take over various functions – including webcams built for Skype – with relative ease.

Laura Higgins, founder of the Revenge Porn Helpline told the Daily Mail:

We have dealt with one couple who were filmed making love in their living room through their smart TV by someone who had taken control of it.

The footage just appeared on a website.

Apparently the couple only found out after friends alerted them to the fact that the footage had been posted online.


According to Ms Higgins:

The victims had no idea it was there — they had not made any personal videos and no names were attached to the online footage identifying the people in it.

The couple were able to recognise recognise their living room and from the angle the video was taken they worked out that it must have been filmed from the webcam that was attached to their smart TV.


Ms Higgins added:

There was no communication from anyone to the couple – no blackmail threat or revenge-type message.

So the conclusion must be it was a random attack – we just don’t know.

Either way, unless both of you are comfortable having your most intimate moments potentially broadcast for someone else’s pleasure, maybe turn off the telly before things get too hot and heavy.


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