Men Fake Orgasms Too, And It Happens More Than You Think

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You’d think it’d be near impossible for a guy to fake an orgasm, but apparently it’s more common than we think.

While faking an orgasm is usually something affiliated with females, Canadian researchers focusing on the subject have suggested that a proportion of men have faked it at some point, too – and for many of the same reasons women do.

A study of 230 men aged 18 to 29 in long term relationships were recruited through an online platform, all of whom had faked an orgasm at least once.

After being questioned on the subject, results showed that the men reported faking it in at least a quarter of all sexual encounters, including sex and foreplay.

According to psychology news website PsyPost, about half of women have admitted to faking an orgasm, and research suggests that 17 to 25 percent of men have done so as well. And although research has examined a woman’s motives for faking it, similar research hasn’t been carried out with men until now.

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According to the study, men have similar reasons for faking it that women do. They’re most likely to fake an orgasm to help their partner’s self-esteem, because they’re insecure, or intoxicated. They were less likely, however, to fake because the sex was just not doing it for them – which is, more often than not, exactly why women do it.

Interestingly though, some men owned up to more supportive reasons. The research showed that men who were happy in their relationship tended to fake it to make their partner happy, or because they wanted to feign a mutual orgasm.

Researchers Léa J. Séguin and Robin R. Milhausen wrote in their study: “Men who often pretend orgasm with their partner may be motivated to do so for their partner’s sake, which ultimately may be motivated by their happiness or satisfaction with their relationship.”

Overall, the study found that the more a man faked it, the higher his reported levels of satisfaction were.

So now you know.