Brutal Head-Cam Footage Shows Darkly Comic Reality Of Fighting For ISIS

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Startling footage from a Daesh fighter’s head-cam has revealed the shocking incompetence of their fighters, which is being compared to the comedy Four Lions


The video, which was obtained by Vice News, comes from a so-called Islamic State fighter who died while fighting Pershmerga forces in Northern Iraq around 30 miles North of Mosul.

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Unlike the usual slickly packaged propaganda videos the alleged caliphate pumps out, this film definitely doesn’t show the extremist group’s fighters as a slick and professional army, crushing all resistance under foot.

Instead we see that their shambolic fighters, while certainly fanatical, are not very well trained and it gives a rare glimpse into the human tragedy on both sides of the conflict.

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The shocking footage begins with a group of soldiers saying goodbye to a friend who plans on detonating a suicide bomb, while they drive off to the front lines in an improvised armoured car.

After they leave the village in which they’re based, they very quickly get into a fight and that’s where we see how incompetent they really are.

They bumble around in the back of their vehicle looking for ammunition and shells, at one point panicking when Pershmerga soldiers return fire.

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The fighters nearly kill themselves at one point, firing a rocket at their enemies which leaves all of them scorched. Eventually, however, their car is hit by a rocket and they’re forced to abandon it, leaving the dead driver behind as they retreat.

As they flee, the ‘camera man’ is shot and falls to the ground.

Some commentators online are calling the footage ‘funny’:

The video is not the first time that Daesh has been embarrassed by the incompetence of their soldiers. A would-be suicide bomber accidentally detonated his bomb early in Kunduz province, Afghanistan killing himself and seven other jihadists just the other day.

The Afghani Ministry of Interior Affairs report that the group were intending to attack a crowded area but their plans were foiled by the premature detonation.

Despite the farcical nature of the footage, it’s important to remember that these men are highly dangerous people who are willing to kill for what they believe in and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


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