Care Home Worker ‘Fired’ For Flashing Boobs And Twerking At Dementia Patients




A callous care home worker claims to have been sacked after broadcasting ‘raunchy’ live videos from the dementia home where she works. 

Shnae Barton shameless twerked and showed off her cleavage on Periscope with patients in the background, without a care in the world for the dignity of those she was charged with caring for.


The Sun have revealed Barton was egged on by sick-minded people online to take revealing footage while a colleague cleaned a patient’s legs.

Perhaps worst of all when confronted by Sun journalists the woman heartlessly replied: ‘These people have dementia — they don’t remember.’

In one video Barton, who calls herself Shnae­Naee online, talked openly about smoking cannabis and her sexual preferences while grabbing her boobs.


In another horrifying clip she taunts a male patient asking: ‘You want to sit up?’ before hissing: ‘You fucking pervert!’ down the phone.

Barton even opens her uniform flashing her breasts in one video while she gives a patient a bath, she then begins to talk about the patient’s privates and sings while twerking towards the patient’s face.


One viewer of the video said:

I used to work for a care home and can’t believe someone would be so disrespectful. That could be someone’s mum and she’s unzipping her uniform and talking about masturbating.

It’s sick she puts the residents on camera, they don’t know what’s happening.

Barton has said that she doesn’t remember what she said to the patients but admitted it was ‘wrong’, and claimed last night on Pe­ri­­scope that she’s been fired.

Meanwhile, Paul Burn’s the care home owner has said the video was ‘dreadful’ and she’s been ‘suspended pending an investigation.’


The Sun