Carers Fired For Dancing Naked Round Young Disabled Man

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An absolutely horrific video shows the shocking moment a carer danced around naked in front of a disabled man at a residential care home 

The appalling video, filmed back in 2014 at Thanet Lodge boarding house in Margate, has led to four people losing their jobs after it was handed in by a ‘whistleblower’.

The short 40 second clip shows support worker Jane Smith dancing naked around the poor young man, while team leader Yvette Surrage pulled her top up over her boobs and danced about.
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Ms Surrage, Ms Smith and another support worker, David Gardiner, were all seen in the footage and later dismissed. The man who filmed the footage and later handed it in, Senior support worker Ben Healy, was also fired after allegedly encouraging his colleagues.

Kent Police said no crime had occurred and Ms Surrage told the BBC South East there was no abuse or poor practice. She went on to add that no conviction or prosecution took place because there were no young adults involved.

David Gardiner claimed that no harm was done to the students at the facility but later admitted he should have done something the stop the other staff.

Meanwhile Ben Healy said there was no video clips showing him acting inappropriately and Jane Smith told the BBC that it was a difficult time in her life and that she ‘deeply regretted’ the incident.

A spokesman for Kent Police said:

Whilst the acts in the video are wholly inappropriate and irresponsible, they do not fit the criteria for a criminal offence.

Dr Noelle Blackman, chief executive of the charity Respond, described the footage of the carers as ‘humiliating’ and ‘absolutely horrible’.


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