Case Of Woman Who Died After ‘Wild Sex’ With Two Men Reopened

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Police are reopening the case of a woman who died after having ‘wild sex’ on a remote beach with two men.

The victim, known only as Norma, bled to death on January 27, 2011 after an evening drinking with Adrian Attwater, 42, and Paul Maris, 46. The pair claim she joined in on what they called consensual sex, the Mirror reports.

Coroners, however, reported that she died after bleeding out from massive internal injuries when she was subjected to a forceful sex act. A doctor later described her injuries as worse than those seen in the most traumatic of childbirths.

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After she was discovered on Ten Mile beach, New South Wales, Australia, both men were arrested – Attwater on suspicion of manslaughter and Maris on being an accessory.

However in March 2012, the charges were dropped when the New South Wales’ Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lloyd Babb refused to charge them.

Now though, following outrage from the local community and Norma’s family, the DPP has reopened the investigation into her death.

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The DPP had previously refused to reopen the case in 2014, but an interjection by Attorney General Gabrielle Upton means it will now go ahead.

The night before she died, Norma visited her sister’s home with Attwater and Maris on their way to the beach. Norma had known Attwater ‘for years’ and they were casually seeing each other. They were both known for ‘liking a drink’.

Both men claim the ‘wild sex’ was consensual and say she never once complained she was in pain and that she even ‘carried on’ after the incident.

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State Coroner Michael Barnes seems to disagree, however, and branded the men ‘callous’, claiming there was evidence that could convict them, such as them burning her mattress and some of her clothing after the incident. Although Attwater claims they did this to get rid of the ‘foul blood smell’.

Police also revealed Norma had a blood alcohol level of 0.35 – compared to the legal drink drive limit of 0.5. Mr Barnes says this meant she was too drunk to give consent to the act that caused her death.

The men also said they contacted emergency services after she collapsed the next morning, right after she’d been swimming. Mr Barnes said he couldn’t accept she had managed to swim just minutes before collapsing from blood loss.

Her family paid tribute to their daughter calling her a ‘sweet girl who’d lost her way’. Norma had allegedly been in a number of abusive relationships and, according to family, all of her past partners were physically violent towards her.


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