Church Of England Rakes In More Money Than McDonald’s Or Starbucks

By : Rebecca Knight |


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New figures have shown that the Church of England actually makes more money each year than McDonald’s or Starbucks in the UK.

Back in 2013, the Church netted £1.41 billion, while UK branches of Starbucks made £399 million, and even McDonald’s were lagging behind on £1.37 billion.

That makes the Church the biggest charitable body in the country – albeit with their money split into different charity bodies.

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Half of their cash comes from regular church goers, and then the other part of the money is reportedly from the Church’s multi-billion investment fund and their ‘operating and trading’ income.

Church goers put around £700 into the collection plate each per year – a pretty lofty sum when you think about it, and are a huge reason the Church of England is raking the cash in.

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In case you were wondering, ‘operating and trading’ income basically means the money the church makes from fees charged during christenings, wedding, funerals and gift shop sales.

It also comes from renting out church buildings to the community.