Climate Change Is Sexist, Apparently

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Here’s a fact you probably didn’t know. Global warming is sexist.

Now before you dismiss that notion, it’s actually been proven in studies, and according to the i paper, in the developing world, where inequality is much more prominent, women are hit far harder than men.


Women in poorer countries are more likely to be adversely effected by climate change, as they are the ones who would be in the homes, cooking and cleaning or looking after others when disaster strikes.

 Climate Change Is Sexist,

Professor Hilary Bambrick, of Western Sydney University said:


Climate change makes all of the very big and complex problems that exist in the world today a whole lot worse.

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90% of the people who died in the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone were women.

Not only that, but women are also more likely to be affected by things such as mosquito-borne diseases.


That is because again, the social structure in poorer countries mean they are the ones who will come into contact with the mosquitoes when collecting water or harvesting.