‘Cloaked Alien Ship’ Seen Hovering Near Empire State Building

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New Yorkers are probably used to strange visitors in their fine city, but even they may raise an eyebrow at little green men popping in for a visit.

That’s right – aliens have been spotted in the Big Apple, or at least that’s what one witness claims to have caught on film, when he snapped a UFO, which totally isn’t a carrier bag caught in the wind, hovering near the Empire State Building, the Daily Mail reports.

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The man behind the photo, known only as ‘D’, told the UFO Sighting Archive MUFON he spotted the mysterious craft while looking through holiday photos.

He explained:

I’m from the UK and I’m visiting New York City with my girlfriend and have just been looking back through my previous holiday photos of the city and seen this.

I have tried to zoom in to see if it shows anything different… but hopefully you guys can sharpen the picture up and tell me what it is. I do not know what it is but looks freaky!

Cloaked Alien Ship Seen Hovering Near Empire State Building NYC Empire State Building 640x426Wikimedia

Now some ‘researchers’ are claiming that it may be part of an alien safari, as beings from another world investigate the way humans preserve remnants of our culture.

Or at least that’s what the ever watchful ufologist, Scott C Waring, has claimed and he’s even offered his ‘expert’ opinion on the photo, which again definitely was not a carrier bag.

He explained:

For this UFO to have been so close to the Empire State Building it had to have been cloaked. Aliens have a high interest in how we try to preserve our old culture, and this building is a prime example of what they would like to see.

While I’m not an expert in the field of UFO’s, I do know a thing or two about carrier bags and as an expert ‘carrierbag-ologist’ with a degree from the University of Bullshit, I can confirm that I’ve done my own analysis and I believe it may be an alien carrier bag…


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