Creepy Japanese Start Up Promises Wake Up Calls From Under-Age Girls

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A creepy, and frankly disgusting, Japanese start-up is promising to provide wake-up calls from real schoolgirls, and is an example of a small minority within the country who have a strange fascination with underage girls.

The company behind the service, JKMorning, allows users to get individual wakeup calls or schedule them for a specific time for a set range of dates. It’s basically a hotel wakeup call, but far more troubling.


JKMorning promise that the girls are still in high school and verify this by using student ID cards. Pre-registration is currently open, with no launch date specified. The company have also confirmed that calls will be live, with pre-recorded wake-up calls a possibility down the road.


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Disgustingly the start-up has no current plans to deal with girls being harassed saying: “That is the most important and serious problem that we are working on carefully.” The service itself doesn’t appear to be breaking any laws, but that doesn’t make this ok.


While on paper there’s nothing erotic about being woken up by a child but you’ve got to admit that it’s troubling that anyone would actually use this service.Shockingly child possession of child pornography was only criminalised last year in Japan, and the maximum sentence is on year and a fine that’s less than seven grand.

We don’t often wish start-ups to fail, but this time we’ve got our fingers crossed.