David Cameron May Have Made The Worst Sex Joke Ever

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Regardless of your politics I think we can all agree that David Cameron doesn’t come across a particularly funny guy, but this joke he told was pretty bad even for him.

Fresh from the ‘Acropolis Now’ gag he made at PMQs last month, David’s gone back to basics when it comes to bringing the ‘lols’ and gone with a good old fashioned sex joke, the i100 report.

This weekend the Prime Minister gathered a round 300 Tory MPs in his Oxfordshire constituency, and tried to relieve the tension over the looming Brexit with some trademark Davey-C banter.

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The ‘joke’ went like this:

A man moves to Lincolnshire, and becomes lonely.

A farmer invites him to a party, to which he agrees to attend.

“I expect there will be a lot of heavy drinking,” the farmer tells the man, and the man says that’s OK, because it’s a chance to get to know people.

“There will probably be a lot of fighting,” the farmer continues, and the man still wants to go.

The farmer then says: “The evening will probably end with a fair amount of rough sex,” and the man accepts this as a part of getting to know the community, and asks the farmer what he should wear.

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Warning before you read the punchline you should dial 999, because you may need medical help sewing your sides back together after reading this rib tickler.

Here it is: 

You can wear whatever you like because it will be just you and me.

Still with us? Yeah it’s not exactly a zinger is it…

While we know that times may be tough for the Conservative party and David, especially after the awkward Panama Papers leak and the whole Bo-Jo Brexit coup, but you’re the leader of the country and he’s got literal speech writers to make him sound funny…