Die Antwoord Reveal Weird As F*ck Story About Kanye West

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Turns out that the Kanye West, voice of a generation and greatest living rock star, is so strange that he even freaks out Ninja, from Die Antwoord.

In case you don’t know who Ninja is he’s the front man of South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord, or you may know him from his role in the dreadful film Chappie where he played, well himself.

Ninja would be the first to admit that he’s a strange bloke, once comparing himself to superman and Clark Kent, but it seems that Kanye’s too much for even him to handle.

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The South African rapper reveals in this recently surfaced video that he once went round to Kanye’s house and things got a little bizarre, or a Ninja puts it ‘Kanye’s fucking weird’.

He claims early on in the footage to being fascinated with the duelling nature at the heart of Kanye, that he’s undeniably super talented when it comes to music but also ‘seems retarded at times’.

Ninja probably wishes he hadn’t visited now though, because things got pretty odd and while discussing Kanye taking pills to stop him going ‘mental’ and how he should use it in his music, West randomly put on an anal sex video.

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Ninja was of course reasonably perplexed by this but things soon got even stranger, when Kanye began quizzing him on whether he liked banana pudding because Kim Kardashian had apparently made some.

So they ended up eating it in Kanye’s house, then Ninja did the washing up and left. Making the reasonable decision to block his number saying he was ‘too weird, just too weird’.

It’s almost impressive that Kanye managed to freak one of the strangest musicians on the planet out.


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