Driver Crashes The World’s Most Ridiculously Expensive Car

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A driver hoping to set a new lap record ended up setting a slightly less prestigious milestone when he was involved in one of the most expensive road accidents ever.

The anonymous driver crashed the £4 million Koenigsegg One:1 hyper-car on the notorious Nürburgring in Germany just before attempting a lap record.


The car smashed into a barrier when the driver lost control as he exited the dangerous Fuchsröhre section, one of the Nürburgring’s most difficult corners, The Daily Mail reports.

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The Koenigsegg ended up careening through the barrier, seriously damaging the front and rear of the car, and suffering fire damage as well.


The driver was taken to hospital after the high speed crash, although he was released the same afternoon.

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Koenigsegg released the following statement: 

A Koenigsegg is an extreme performance car and must be tested accordingly.

This is an inherently dangerous undertaking that must be conducted progressively and methodically, working point by point on all areas of our highly adjustable vehicles.

Our primary concern is always driver safety and any testing is structured and conducted accordingly.

This incident is confirmation of just how difficult it is to drive at this level on the world’s ultimate proving ground.

Obviously we are dismayed with this development but pleased that our safety systems worked as designed to protect our driver.

SWNS HYPERCAR CRASH 02 640x426 Driver Crashes The Worlds Most Ridiculously Expensive CarSWNS

There were only seven One:1 cars built by Koenigsegg and its five litre engine has an eye-watering 1,341bhp, allowing it to go from 0-62 mph in less than three seconds.

Let’s hope the driver had insurance…


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