Eggheads Star Reveals He’s Been Questioned Over Sexual Assault Allegations

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Eggheads Star Reveals Hes Been Questioned Over Sexual Assault Allegations cj4BBC/YouTube

Eggheads panellist CJ De Mooi has revealed that he is the BBC celebrity, at the heart of sexual assault allegations. 

CJ admits he has been questioned by police over the allegations but denies claims of sexual assault against a 23-year-old man, reports the Huffington Post.

He says the controversy has ruined his career, claiming he has not only been dropped from his regular slot on Eggheads but also banned from the BBC team at the London Marathon.

A friend of the TV personality has reportedly told The Mirror:

He’s got nothing left. He feels that the BBC have hung him out to dry.

However, the BBC have denied this saying they rotate celebrities every year for the charity event.

A source said:

The fact CJ hasn’t been chosen for the race is not a personal one. He has not been banned. We choose ten celebrities every year and rotate them.

The controversy that a high-profile BBC figure was being questioned was originally reported back in January, but their identity was kept secret until now.

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This isn’t the first run-in CJ has had with the BBC. In the past he claimed he was turned down by Strictly Come Dancing after he insisted he would only compete if he could dance with another man.

The BBC rejected the claims saying he had never even been approached to take part.

Eggheads Star Reveals Hes Been Questioned Over Sexual Assault Allegations cj1YouTube

CJ’s life has been plagued with difficulties. In his 2015 autobiography My Journey From the Streets to the Screens he revealed he turned to prostitution to survive when living rough in the UK and Holland.

He has even previously admitted that he may well have killed another man when – while defending himself during an attempted mugging – he punched him and threw him in a canal, fleeing the scene without knowing if his attacker was okay.

According to The Mirror, his life changed when he was spotted sleeping rough in Amsterdam and scouted to become a model.

The investigation into the claim of sexual assault, being conducted by Police Scotland, is ongoing.


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