EgyptAir Flight’s Missing Blackbox Has Been Found, Investigators Confirm

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A ship searching for the missing EgyptAir flight 804, has picked up a signal at the bottom of the sea which may emanate from the plane’s black box.

Air crash investigators are keen to find these vital recordings because they could help them unravel the mystery behind what caused the missing plane to crash, killing everyone on board, The Independent reports.


The Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee have said that the ship, a French boat called ‘La Place’, received signals during their searches of the seabed using sonar equipment, and they’re assuming it’s a black box.

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A statement released said: 


[The Ship] has received through its search equipment signals from the seabed of the wreckage search area, assumed to be from one of the data recorders,

Extensive search efforts are being carried out to locate the two data recorders in preparation for their retrieval.

La Place is just one of several ships hunting for the plane which could sit on the sea floor, thousands of metres below the surface.

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Speaking to The Independent, officials from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that both American and European satellites had detected distress signals pinpointing the plane’s emergency transmitter, moments after the flight crashed.


Another ship will join the hunt later this week to help find the missing black boxes.

It’s currently unknown what caused the plane to crash but experts have said terrorism is a more likely explanation than equipment failure, despite no hard evidence or any terror group claiming responsibility.


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