Emily Ratajkowski Reveals All About Topless Selfie With Kim Kardashian

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Emily Ratajkowski Reveals All About Topless Selfie With Kim Kardashian emily r WEBGetty

Emily Ratajkowski has finally opened up about that viral topless selfie she took with Kim Kardashian back in March.

I’m sure we’ve all been waiting with baited breath to hear why Ratajkowski wanted to bare all on Twitter and it turns out it had nothing to do with the likes and retweets, and everything to do with feminism and Piers Morgan.

Indeed, in a recent interview, the 24-year-old model and actress spoke about how the whole thing was about female empowerment and was inspired by none other than outspoken nobjockey Morgan.

You probably remember the double topless selfie in question:

That photo was, of course, a follow up to Kim K’s nude tweet, in which she protested her lack of anything to wear:

In the aftermath of Kim breaking the Internet with her boobs again, Piers Morgan piped up for some reason.

You see, when incessant windbag Morgan isn’t ranting about Arsenal on Twitter, he’s telling women how they should behave and what they should do with their bodies.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain after the photo appeared online in March, Piers branded the image ‘absurd’, took a dig at modern feminism, and even threw shade at Kim’s husband Kanye for his money troubles, basically telling him to buy his wife more clothes. Classy.

Kim took issue with Morgan at the time, tweeting him very soon after he made the comments live on air:

But many more people took issue with Morgan’s comments, including Ratajkowski, who tweeted about how sexist Morgan’s comments were:

But that didn’t stop Morgan. He tweeted this after Kim and Emily posted their double selfie:

Because, apparently, the rich white man knows best about what feminism is.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Ratajkowski said of the ‘attention seeking’ Morgan:

[He was] talking about the fact Kim is 34 and a mother and that we’re over seeing her in a sexual light, which I had a lot of problems with. He also implied that her husband [Kanye West] was writing her tweets, as if she isn’t capable of writing them herself, which to me is incredibly sexist.

There are lots of [criticisms] I can understand one might have about the Kardashians and reality TV, but even someone who you might be critical of is allowed to post a naked selfie if she wants to.

Kim was kind enough to send me flowers. Then we decided to do a selfie with our tops off, flipping off [sticking up her middle finger at] the camera, which I think speaks for itself. I tweeted about what the idea was behind how women need to have a space to be sexual.

She makes some great points and, to be honest, Piers Morgan just needs to shut his mouth about these issues and stick to calling for Arsene Wenger to be sacked on a daily basis.

At least that’s less embarrassing than his views on women’s sexuality.


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