Frozen ‘Poo Bomb’ Smashes Hole In Couples’ Roof

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Frozen Poo Bomb Smashes Hole In Couples Roof UNILAD ad 18571420411355Wessex News Agency

A couple recently had their house ‘poo-bombed’.


Keith and Ruth Mead, from Melksham, Wiltshire, had a big block of poo stained ice smash into their roof, as you do. The faeces had frozen as it fell from a plane, and punctured a hole in their roof.


Frozen Poo Bomb Smashes Hole In Couples Roof UNILAD wessex news agancy4151Wessex News Agency

Ruth, 67, told The Mirror: “It was a horrendous noise. I thought someone had crashed into the front of the house. Thank goodness it didn’t hit anyone – it could have killed them.”

Keith, 70, added: “On our insurance forms do we put “house hit by frozen urine and poo”… will they believe us?”

The Civil Aviation Authority claims incidents like this are pretty rare. About 25 ice falls are reported each year.


The Mirror