Maisie Williams Reveals Why She Won’t Put A Label On Her Sexuality

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Maisie Williams isn’t rushing to put a label on her sexuality.

The Game of Thrones star has exhibited a more fluid attitude when it comes to regarding sexuality, and she’s joined a wave of celebrities who think the same way – disregarding straight, gay or bisexual labels.

Williams, who’s 18, told Nylon:

I’ve never sat up and thought about my sexuality for hours.

It’s like what Shailene Woodley said: ‘I fall in love with personalities and not people or genders.’

I have no problem with anyone who would want to be labeled, but I also think that it is no one’s business. Do what you want.

Williams’ view on sexuality is a breath of fresh air in a society that isn’t always as accepting or fluid. She has spoken straightforwardly on a number of issues since joining HBO’s Game of Thrones, using her status to open up about gender equality and the dangers of her selfie-obsessed generation – even issuing a warning to her generation about political apathy by proving her point with a ‘kill list’ of politicians.

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And as a teenager herself, she’s scorned adults that assume her generation is too social media-obsessed to be politically aware.

She told Dazed:

People think we’re fucking stupid and we don’t know anything about anything.

It’s really degrading. I get a lot of adults who are like, ‘You don’t know shit,’ and it’s like, ‘You don’t know shit.’

For a young person who grew up in the spotlight, Maisie Williams definitely has a good head on her shoulders, and she continues to prove that she not only plays a badass character, she is one.

If only people like Justin Bieber could take a leaf out of her book.


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