Guy Can’t Have Sex Without Giving Police Notice, Says Life Is Ruined

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pic web Guy Cant Have Sex Without Giving Police Notice, Says Life Is Ruined

A man who must give police 24-hour notice before he has sex has said the order has left him feeling like he’s living in a ‘virtual prison’.

The unnamed man, who is a father in his forties, was given a sexual risk order in January restricting his sex life and his Internet use – and even has to give police details of his electronic devices.


The order was granted on an interim basis ahead of a court hearing that was scheduled for Wednesday to decide whether a full two-year order should be granted – but that hearing was adjourned until later this year, Buzzfeed reports.

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Speaking to reporters outside York magistrates’ court, he said: “It puts an end to your life. I had more freedom in prison. The severity of the restrictions exceed what convicted criminals would get on a sexual offence prevention order,” the Yorkshire Post reported.

He added there was no prospect of him getting involved in a romantic relationship while the order is in place: “Can you imagine, 24 hours before sex? Come on. There’s a nice French restaurant I’d like to take you to, but first the police are just going to come around for a little chat.”


The man, who has no previous criminal convictions, said the order was granted by a judge following a retrial after he was cleared of rape. He told the media that the jury took six minutes to acquit him. He was accused of biting and scratching the alleged victim but claimed the scratching was part of a massage and denied biting altogether. He is also open about his interest in S&M and claims this was used against him at trial.

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These sexual risk orders – which are part of the 2003 Sexual Offence Act – can be made by a court on an individual ‘who has done an act of a sexual nature and who, as a result, poses a risk of harm to the public in the UK or children or vulnerable adults abroad.’ But, it adds that ‘the individual does not need to have committed a relevant (or any offence)’ for the order to be imposed.


The order can last for a minimum of two years, and if he breaches it, it could lead to a jail sentence of up to five years.

Sounds absolutely brutal.