Helen Mirren Has Strong Feelings About Kim Kardashian’s Butt

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Helen Mirren Has Strong Feelings About Kim Kardashians Butt GettyImages 524219344Getty

Everyone has an opinion about Kim Kardashian and her backside these days, but Dame Helen Mirren tells it like it is.

And, while Dame Helen may be uninterested in most aspects of Kardashian life, Kim’s butt is not one of them.

Mirren told The Telegraph:

I’m not into the Kardashians, it’s a phenomenon I just don’t find interesting. But – and this is the big word: B-U-T-T – it’s wonderful that you’re allowed to have a butt nowadays.

Thanks to Madame Kardashian, and before her, J-Lo. We’re also allowed to have thighs now, which is great too.

The actress also credits Jennifer Lopez for being a pioneer in the body positive movement, as well as many others whose assets have helped change the way we perceive beauty standards.

Mirren added: 

When I was growing up, it was thought to be unbelievably sluttish to even have a bra strap showing. Everything was about women conforming. I love shameless women. Shameless and proud!

According to the 70-year-old, these shameless women ‘raise their middle fingers to this epithet of ‘slut’. They wear what they want to wear, behave as they want to behave’ – and Mirren loves it.

In a youth and beauty-obsessed industry, Mirren says it’s difficult being comfortable in your own skin, no matter how old or young.

Speaking at Cannes Film Festival, she added:

Well, it’s terribly intimidating, you know. Sometimes you feel wonderful and — it’s the same whether you’re 13 or 26 or 86 — sometimes you feel insecure and frightened.

In a world where people are constantly seeking ‘perfection’, it’s nice to know others are breaking the mold. And, as much as we love to hate the Kardashians, you have to give them credit for helping to pave the way for big butts everywhere.


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