Here’s The Disgusting Reason Andrew Tate Was Kicked Off Big Brother

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Heres The Disgusting Reason Andrew Tate Was Kicked Off Big Brother bb fb 1 1Big Brother

In the show we all love to hate, Big Brother has kicked Andrew Tate out of the house – just shy of a week after he entered it.

He was officially removed from the Big Brother house after Channel 5 was made aware of ‘new information’. But while the show’s bosses didn’t explain further, Tate took to social media to shed some light on why he was given the boot, the Mirror reports.

While it was speculated that the self-proclaimed ‘most intelligent person in the house’ would lose his place after his racist and homophobic Twitter rant was exposed online, Tate explained on Twitter that his removal was because of a video, from 2012, which shows him hitting a girl with a belt.

But the kickboxing champion denies hurting her:

Andrew also explained he was kicked out due to his ‘master plan’:

Hours after his removal, Tate released a video, which has since been deleted but posted to The Sun.

He said in the video:

I had a new plan that I wanted to do, which was much better than calling them all snakes. I had an amazing master plan and the producers of the show were worried that if I did such an amazing plan and got caught that it was going to kick off in a big way…and they decided that my new plan was just too risky and I had to leave, so enjoy the show without me.

He failed to explain further what his ‘master plan’ was.

But Channel 5 have immediately responded saying that isn’t the case, they said in a statement:

What Andrew says in that statement is completely false. Andrew was not removed because of his actions inside the House. Nor was he removed for tweets allegedly posted by him prior to his entering the House. Andrew was removed because of information which came to light today.

Despite Tate being removed for his BDSM video, fans of Big Brother have been protesting his removal:

But they do have a point. Sunday’s episode featured some pretty kinky shit and neither of the contestants involved were kicked out, so is it justifiable to kick Tate out for the same reason?

Probably not, but having a look at his racist and homophobic tweets from 2012 may change your mind.