Here’s The Strange Truth About Sex In North Korea

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When you think of North Korea you probably think of a brutal totalitarian regime or the threat of nuclear war, not sex.

However a number of Korea defectors have spilled the beans on quite how copulation works in their dystopian homeland.

Back in 2012 Liberty in North Korea, an organization assisting in North Korean human rights issues, published an article that examined love and sex in the secretive state by asking a defector about relationships norms, Hop.Media reports.

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Interestingly he admitted that North Korean sex culture isn’t exactly liberal but it’s not as conservative as you’d expect.

Instead their attitudes to sex are more middle of the road, and the North Korean people can make their own choices when it comes to who their sexual partners are.

This is surprising given that many ‘liberal’ countries have a far more conservative attitude when it comes to sex and marriage. Some form of arranged marriage is often times not only encouraged, but also forced in places like Israel, Pakistan, India, and China.

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Reportedly North Korean students are quite similar to their western equivalents, dating and experimenting like other high school students do around the world.

However the article suggests that while young North Koreans and Westerners may have similar sex lives these similarities don’t translate into adulthood.

Despite prostitution being illegal in the country, North Korean defectors have reported that groups of women known as ‘manjokcho’, which translates to ‘satisfaction teams’, are forced into sexual service and required to sleep with high-ranking military officials.

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In 2004 Jisun Jeong, a humanitarian official, reported to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights that the women in these ‘satisfaction teams’ range from ages fourteen to twenty many are apparently virgins who’re trained as a monjokcho for nearly two years before being forced to carry out their hideous duties.

Jeong explained that it’s impossible for a girl to protest given the consequences of refusal.

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So it seems that amongst the ‘normal’ North Korean attitudes to sex are relatively similar to that of many other, far more open countries. However the closer you get to the top, the more immoral and abusive it becomes

It’s also claimed that rampant sexual abuse is one of many human rights issues in North Korea. The lack of regulation, and the inability to provide international oversight, puts not only adults, but children, in harm’s way.


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