Important New Detail Emerges About Orlando Shooter’s Wife

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In the aftermath of the shocking Orlando shooting there have been reports that Noor Salman, the wife of the shooter, may have known of his plans.

However, new information from NBC has come to light which suggests Salman has told the FBI that she tried to ‘talk him [Omar Matee] out of conducting’ the attack which claimed 49 innocent lives.

They reported several officials who are familiar with the case having said that Salman drove Matee to the Pulse nightclub on at least one occasion so he could scope out the club.

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She also claims to have been there when he bought a holster and some ammunition. However, she reportedly tried to talk him out of the attack, especially when she realised the extent of what he had planned.

Salman is believed to be staying with Mateen’s dad in Port St. Lucile, Florida, and is working with the FBI, although there’s still no official word on whether she’ll face criminal charges.

The early morning attack on the Pulse nightclub was the largest mass shooting in modern American history, leaving 49 victims dead, and 53 more people wounded.